Sergio Diaz

Marketing Art Solutions was created in 2012 by it’s Director Sergio Diaz. Also known as MasWebs, the business has created various websites for artists, business services, online stores, corporate websites, and of every type in general.

MasWebs creates it’s projects always using the latest technologies to put itself at the top of the world of web design and offer our clients the best quality and satisfaction.

We treat our clients in a personalized manner. Always with the utmost transparency in the development of the project and working with their feedback every step of the way.

Mr. Diaz directs and develops all of the projects personally. Mr. Diaz derives from a previous artistic career.  He studied Classical Ballet at the Institute of Theatre in Barcelona and developed his career as a dancer until he decided to change disciplines to artistic-technology. He studied Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) with the intention of applying his artistic knowledge and esthetic to the world of technology.  Diaz decided to settle in New York to establish MasWebs and dedicate his creativity to the innovation in the world of web design and development.



HTML + CSS(90)

Adobe Suite(80)